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When a child or teen is struggling with autism and ADHD or their mental health, it impacts the entire family. That’s why Meliora Health takes a family-first care approach to support your child’s—and your family’s—wellness journey.

Our innovative online platform delivers immediate support and gives your entire family access to expert-led help whenever and wherever you need it, allowing your family to move forward together.

As part of the UK’s Healios Group, we’ve helped thousands of families struggling with mental health and neurodiverse conditions, and we can help yours too.

Making access to convenient, affordable care possible

Meliora Health is committed to making behavioral healthcare accessible for all families. We offer different payment options allowing us to accommodate your family’s needs.

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Out-of-network coverage and private pay

If you don’t see your insurer listed, we can still help your family. Your out-of-network insurance benefit may cover services from Meliora Health. Our team can provide you with the information you need to bill your insurer directly and receive a reimbursement.

We also provide a private pay option that allows you to get the care your child needs without insurance. Meliora Health’s services are eligible for reimbursement with your flexible spending account (FSA), so you can get paid back for your out-of-pocket expenses.

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That’s why Meliora Health delivers immediate access to care, personalized support from a world-class team.

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A multidisciplinary team of licensed clinicians

Meliora Health employs the expertise of a multidisciplinary team of mental health professionals. Together, our expert care team guides families toward better understanding and communication to improve their quality of life.

Meet two of our innovative and ground-breaking directors

Cheryl D. Tierney, MD, MPH Medical Director, US (she/her)

Cheryl is a board-certified developmental pediatrician with expertise in dealing with developmental and behavioral problems of children and teens. She has more than 20 years of experience in the field of developmental medicine and is an active advocate for children with special healthcare needs and autism spectrum disorder.  Dr. Tierney is a graduate of Tufts University School of Medicine and received her MPH in Child and Maternal Health and Advocacy at Harvard School of Public Health. She completed her Fellowship in Behavior and Developmental Pediatrics and General Academic Pediatrics Combined Fellowship at Children’s Hospital Boston. Other clinical areas of expertise include sleep disorders and Dr. Tierney is an Advisory Board Member and regular contributor for the American Sleep Association. Despite her strong leadership, public speaking, research, program development, and healthcare management skills, Cheryl has a lifelong commitment to advocacy for the underserved, minority populations and children with disabilities. This has led to legislative advocacy where Dr. Tierney has a bill that is currently in the Pennsylvania Senate to help license behavior analysts to improve the quality of and access to ABA services in the Commonwealth. As the current president of ABA in PA Initiative for over a decade, Dr. Tierney has enjoyed her time leading in the non-profit space, collaborating with other large nonprofit and advocacy organizations in Pennsylvania to improve the lives of those with disabilities.

Something Interesting About Me You May Not Know:

Personally, a native of Brooklyn New York, Cheryl is the mother of 5 children and stepchildren and currently lives in Hershey, Pennsylvania. I am an  animal lover, enjoys travel, fine dining, the theater, and adventure. In my downtime I enjoy reading, listening to my favorite podcast and binge watching some new favorite series that everyone else seems to have already seen and can’t believe she hasn’t yet.

Genevieve Chaney, Psy.D., Director of Mental Health, US (she/her)

Dr. Chaney is a clinical psychologist who has been practicing for over 20 years. She received her Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) degree from Widener University’s Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology (2001). Early in her career she established her own practice completing evaluations for individuals and families as well as for behavioral health and child welfare organizations. She has been previously certified as a school psychologist and served as a therapist for children, adolescents, adults, and families. Her professional experiences further include leadership and program development roles. She served as the Director of a busy Family Court forensic evaluation program for over a decade as well as a psychologist advisor for a nonprofit managed care organization. She has also been qualified as an expert witness and provided court testimony.

Dr. Chaney takes pride in completing and overseeing high-quality mental health services guided by research and best practices. She approaches her work with a trauma-informed perspective and emphasizes an individual’s adaptation to their life circumstances and experiences. Identifying a person’s strengths and resiliencies, what is important to them, and natural sources of support are fundamental to her work. She has a high degree of sensitivity to issues of race and ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and neurodiversity. Her style can best be described as warm, empathic, and also upfront and transparent in establishing expectations. Dr. Chaney resides outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with her two children.

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As the leading digital provider of mental health and neurodevelopmental services, our senior leadership team
is reimagining how care is delivered—leveraging the best of technology to provide accessible, personalized support to
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