Autism Roadmap

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Ages 16 months to 21 years for autism and ages 5 to 21 years for a combined autism and ADHD evaluation.

Initial Family Assessment And Interview

We begin autism assessments with an in-depth interview with the person who knows your child best—you. We also gather input from other caregivers, teachers, and clinicians.

Detailed Data Collection

We ask you and others who know your child well, such as teachers or therapists, to complete standardized rating scales. We also ask you to send us short videos of your child engaged in various activities so that we can see behaviors or skills that we may miss during your online assessment.

Real-time, online observation with your child

Through our interactive clinical platform, our specialists engage directly with your child, assessing social skills and repetitive behaviors related to autism through a range of specialized tasks and activities

Multidisciplinary Review and Decision

Our multidisciplinary team reviews all assessment information, and makes a decision about which (if any) diagnosis is appropriate.

Professional Diagnostic Report and Care Plan

Your child’s report will include a diagnosis (if appropriate) and personalized recommendations. The report can then be used to inform your child’s individualized education plan (IEP), ensuring they have access to the full range of school-provided services. If your report includes a recommendation for ABA therapy, you can use the report to access local ABA providers, whom we can recommend.

Follow-Up Session To Review Findings

Our multidisciplinary team will meet with you to review and discuss the evaluation’s outcome and treatment options. We can also send the report to other providers, such as your child’s pediatrician.

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