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Get your child or teen the mental health assessment and treatment they need online with a top-ranked, licensed therapist from Meliora Health, a leading digital healthcare provider. Our family-first platform means your child, and your family, can participate in sessions from anywhere for a stress-free experience.

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We’ve helped thousands of
kids—just like yours

As part of the UK-based Healios Group, we’ve helped thousands of children and teens get support for mental health conditions. Our licensed therapists undergo rigorous training and are specially certified to provide a range of counseling and therapy services.

Why an online mental
health assessment?

By pairing the best technology with our expert clinicians in an easy-to-use platform, your family has access to Meliora Health’s resources anywhere, anytime. Just log in from any web-enabled device.

Take the first step in
supporting your child

With Meliora, there’s no waiting or referrals needed, so you can get your child or teen the mental health assessment they need sooner, and they can take the first step toward appropriate treatment.

A licensed therapist works closely with your child to understand their challenges. After the assessment, we’ll discuss findings and care options—which may include additional support from Meliora to help your child move forward and feel better.

Your child’s online mental health
assessment and treatment includes:

When your child or teen is struggling with their mental health, it’s common to have concerns. Begin their wellness journey with a consultation, so we can understand your situation, answer questions, and offer guidance on getting started.

Your child’s therapist completes an in-depth online mental health assessment to learn what your child or teen is struggling with. Our goal is to identify if there’s a particular mental health challenge involved, such as anxiety or depression.

You’ll meet with your child’s licensed therapist via videoconference to discuss your child’s mental health assessment outcome, along with their personalized care plan.

As part of your child’s care team, we can communicate and coordinate with your child’s overall healthcare team, including their primary care provider—should you choose.

Our therapists and behavioral specialists use relevant therapeutic approaches, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), to promote better mental health and well-being. We’ll identify the best treatment options for your child.

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We take your family’s
privacy seriously

When you use our services, we understand that you’re trusting us with your family’s personal information—and we take that privilege seriously. That’s why we’re committed to protecting any personal information we receive. Just like your local doctor’s office, we are fully HIPAA compliant.

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