Immediate autism evaluation,
online from the comfort of home

No waiting, no referrals, no stress

If you’re worried your child may be on the autism spectrum, the sooner you know, the better for them. Get the autism diagnostic evaluation your child needs online now with Meliora Health’s world-class team of autism specialists.

Our innovative online platform allows your child, and your family, to participate in expert-led sessions from wherever they’re most comfortable for a flexible, stress-free experience.

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We've helped thousands of kids, just like yours

As part of the UK-based Healios Group, we’ve helped thousands of children and teens get support for neurodiverse conditions. Our autism experts undergo rigorous training and are specially certified in using gold-standard assessment tools.

Why an online autism assessment?

The fact is, no child can begin treatment for autism without a formal diagnosis. While other evaluations may take months to schedule, Meliora Health provides immediate access to a comprehensive autism evaluation to ensure your child receives the appropriate care and support sooner.

By pairing the best technology with our expert clinicians in an easy-to-use platform, your family has access to Meliora Health’s resources anywhere, anytime. Just log in from any web-enabled device.

Immediate, expert-led
support online

Meliora Health’s diagnostic evaluation for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) includes assessments from a multidisciplinary team of autism specialists, ensuring your child’s report contains diverse clinical perspectives for a more accurate diagnosis.

Timely access to affordable care

Access to an evaluation is fast and easy. There are no waits and no referrals needed, so your child can receive an evaluation faster. Their autism evaluation is eligible for reimbursement with your flexible spending account (FSA) or out-of-network insurance benefit, so getting the support your family needs is within reach.

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Pathways, supportive and developmentally appropriate services for families navigating an autism diagnosis

You have a child that has been diagnosed with autism. What’s next? Let us guide you on the Pathways of understanding how to support your child and family.

Our Pathways services are part of our family-first platform, which means we will establish and create a unique plan for your child and your family. You will learn techniques to help your child and family cope with common autism symptoms and improve behaviors that may be causing disruptions at school and home.

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Our Pathways services can include help to work with your child to improve:

– Social Skills
– Language and Communication
– Disruptive Behavior
– Aggression
– Feeding
– Sleep
– Toileting
– Our experts can help you navigate the complexities of the school system by teaching you the 1-2-3s of IEPs.

Pathways services will be age-appropriate and individualized based on your concerns.

Where do our Pathways services take place?

Our innovative online platform allows your child, and your family, to participate in expert-led sessions from wherever they’re most comfortable for a flexible, stress-free experience.

Most of all, with our family-first Pathways program, you will now have a team of experts that can not only improve your child’s life, but improve the level of understanding within your home. Through Meliora Health’s autism Pathway services, you and your child will receive individualized care and support. Contact the Meliora team today to get more information about support for your child and family.

Your child's online autism diagnostic evaluation includes:

When your child or teen is showing signs of autism, it’s common to have concerns. Begin the diagnostic process with a consultation, so we can understand your situation, answer questions, and offer guidance on getting started.

Our initial autism assessment begins with an extensive interview with the people who know your child best—you. Parents and clinicians continue to communicate throughout the evaluation using our secure online portal.

Through our purpose-built interactive clinical platform, our specialists engage with your child using a variety of tasks and activities to assess their social skills and repetitive behaviors related to ASD.

Your child’s report includes a diagnosis (if appropriate) and recommendations from our team of autism experts. This report can be used to inform your child’s individualized education plan (IEP), ensuring they have access to the full range of school services.

Our team will discuss the evaluation’s outcome and treatment options with you. We can coordinate delivery of the report to all members of your care team, including your child’s school, primary care provider, and other specialists if needed.

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When you use our services, we understand that you’re trusting us with your family’s personal information—and we take that privilege seriously. That’s why we’re committed to protecting any personal information we receive. Just like your local doctor’s office, we are fully HIPAA compliant.

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